Schools struggle to serve all their students in need; Students linger in therapy; Limited budgets are spent with no measurable outcomes.

AmplioSpeech offers an innovative service comprising award winning technology, innovative service delivery model and a qualified SLP community. Together, these elements create a powerhouse that Advances speech-language pathology profession.

By streamlining validated speech-language-qualities (SLQ) measurements, intervention protocols, continuous monitoring, assignment completion, smart reports and additional advanced technologies, we created a revolutionary service delivery model, which demonstrates accelerated progress for students, empowers SLPs to become Intervention Leaders and clinical decision makers, all in one cost effective solution.

How it Works

  • Qualified SLPs design and conduct intervention, establish skills as per the IEP goals, assign practice homework, review progress data and make all clinical decisions regarding the student.
  • A dedicated app engages the student in Individualized activity according to curriculum, that leads to mastery of the skills learned with the SLP and move those skills beyond the therapy session.
  • Advanced algorithms that measure the student’s performance, providing feedback to both student and clinician.
  • The progress is monitored and the student’s performance is reported to their teachers, parents and school.

Back-Office staff ensures compliance and assignment completion, supports and available to help with any inquiries.

Groundbreaking Validated Technologies

  • Automatic, objective, continuous measurement of student outcomes for immediate clinical decisions.
  • Engaging practice system, mobile and web, leading to assignment completion for mastery of skills.
  • Performance, progress and activity reports for student, parents, SLP and school.
  • Built-in structured intervention to ensure evidence-based therapy.
  • Endless versatile activities on demand, matching the therapeutic game to the student’s fields of interests.
  • Online Speech-Language Therapy and practice, compliant with HIPAA, FERPA and COPPA.

Service Delivery Model - Clinically Effective & Cost Efficient


Teletherapy by SLP

Online session with qualified SLP. Access to a library of engaging materials.


Live sessions with practice-buddies. Activities assigned by SLP. Automatic feedback.

Self Practice

Via mobile application. Tasks assigned by SLP. Automatic feedback on goals.


Monitoring of student performance using groundbreaking technology.

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