Students First: Focusing on Effective, Efficient,

Digital Speech-Language Therapy.

AmplioSpeech is the SLP-Operating-System (OS) that powers speech-language therapy in the 21st century.

Designed to accelerate students’ progress.

This system helps clinicians keep their focus on achieving excellent outcomes for their students. I’ve taught over 20,000 SLPs to deliver data-driven therapy, and AmplioSpeech brings this to reality.


J. Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, F-ASHA

Professor, Communicative Sciences and Disorders, Michigan State University

Online and onsite service continuity.

AmplioSpeech gives us increased flexibility to respond to the challenges presented in our complex world.


Dr. Randy Stafford

Director of Student Services, Walton County School District, FL

Award-Winning Technology

Working With The Experts.

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EU eHealth Award
Amazon Education
Merage Institute Award
Global Innovation Award
Michigan State University
Texas Education Agency

Operating System for School-Based SLPs.

Powered by an award-winning artificial intelligence technology, AmplioSpeech delivers Digital Speech-Language Therapy services to schools and their students.

AmplioSpeech is devoted to maximizing student outcomes and empowering SLPs, by delivering Digital Speech-Language Therapy to school districts and their SLPs, students and their families, special education departments and administrators. Powered by an award-winning artificial intelligence technology, AmplioSpeech equips school districts with a speech-language therapy operating system that powers speech-language therapy in the 21st century.

AmplioSpeech is serving thousands of students in schools across the country – urban, rural, public, charter, bi-lingual, virtual – with AmplioSpeech’s large community of SLPs and with school-based SLPs.

  • Service delivery online or onsite
  • Focus on accelerated student progress – clinical and academic
  • Auto-generated reports
  • Consistent, auditable IEP compliance – both onsite & online
  • Reduced SLP workload, improved SLP efficiency
  • Monitoring and oversight on compliance and progress
  • Predictive cost and boosted reimbursement

Leverage on the advanced platform that adapts to your school’s needs.

With AmplioSpeech, we’re able to deliver services in a way that suits our needs, meets our standards and keeps our teams highly empowered.


Eydie Tricquet

Director, Special Programs, The Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System (FDLRS)

Ease your SLPs' load with Ampliospeech's large community of empowered SLPs.

Our professional, licensed and empowered SLPs deliver Digital Speech-Language Therapy services to students.

All of AmplioSpeech’s SLPs are W-2 employees.

By following a strict filtering and hiring process, we meticulously train, mentor and empower our SLPs to become intervention leaders and clinical decision-makers.

AmplioSpeech equips this amazing community with 24/7 clinical and technical support so they can focus on boosting clinical and academic outcomes for K-12 students. This support is offered to all SLPs working with AmplioSpeech’s OS.

AmplioSpeech’s SLPs do what they do best: making critical clinical decisions.

Click on the map to see our capacity for additional students in your state.

Empower your SLPs or deploy our SLPs.

Our unique SLP operating system is set to empower all SLPs – our SLPs and schools’ SLPs. We have created a flexible service model: Either use our operating system for efficient and efficacious therapy, utilize AmplioSpeech’s licensed and qualified SLPs, trained to operate our OS – or choose both!


Marissa Analouei, CCC-SLP,

Director of Clinical Services at AmplioSpeech

Areas of Need.

AmplioSpeech provides digital therapy for aspects of speech and language, including Articulation, Language, Fluency, Voice, Autism, Reading, Writing, Learning, and more.

AmplioSpeech combines an innovative, modular service delivery model with an award-winning platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate progress and provide proven outcomes. Our service delivery and digital platform are designed to accelerate students’ progress towards their goals. These include smart self-practice using AI, assignment completion, feedback, Speech-Language Qualities (SLQs), intervention protocols, and more.

Expressive & Receptive Language

Impaired comprehension and/or use of spoken, written and/or other symbol systems. AmplioSpeech developed sub-categorized guidelines associated with suitable therapy materials, adding artificial intelligence abilities, tailored to the student by their SLP.


Difficulties in correctly producing speech sounds needed for intelligible speech production and clarity. AmplioSpeech developed structured guidelines associated with specific contents to address this difficulty, using real-time phonetic transcription of speech to identify the error patterns.


An interruption in the flow of speaking characterized by atypical rate, rhythm, and repetitions in sounds, syllables, words, and phrases. AmplioSpeech developed a specific measurement for fluency, identifying the unique speech characteristics of the speaker, and tracking it over time.

Communicative and Social-Pragmatic Disorders

Difficulty in combining the language components in functional and socially appropriate communication. AmplioSpeech tracks the attention, engagement and communication of the students, enabling the SLP to track pragmatic skills over time and address them using suitable interactive activities.


Difficulties in reading, writing and spelling are associated with difficulties to complete grade-level work. SLPs fit unique therapy materials to each student, associated with Ampliospeech’s specific guidelines.

Hearing Loss

Children with hearing loss may have trouble speaking, reading, learning in school, and making friends. AmplioSpeech SLPs help students with hearing loss to communicate and learn speech & language skills such as understanding language, making speech sounds, and using words.