AmplioSpeech is leading the Digital Speech-Language Therapy revolution, focusing on boosting clinical and academic outcomes for K-12 students. Our innovative therapy is powered by an award-winning technology, delivered by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs).


Why we do it

Everyone deserves therapy! Students show slow progress and linger in therapy. SLPs are not the Intervention Leaders they can and should be.

What we deliver

Dramatically accelerating progress towards goals, guaranteeing IDEA compliance, empowering SLPs to become intervention leaders and clinical decision-makers.


How we do it

By streamlining validated intervention protocols, continuous progress monitoring, IEP compliance assurance, assignment completion, smart reports, automated measurement of SLQs (Speech-Language Qualities) and additional advanced technologies – AmplioSpeech created a revolutionary service delivery model.

Don't waste time

Get ready for the upcoming school year now!

Schedule your demo of AmplioSpeech today to learn more about our revolutionary solution. Make sure you’re ready to welcome the next school year with the best solution for your school’s speech language pathology requirements.