Dr. Yair Shapira

CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder
20 years of experience as business and technology executive in successful start-ups. Ph.D. in Speech Processing from the Technion. Yair founded AmplioSpeech to help his son, who stutters.

Dr. Kathleen Whitmire

School Services Expert

K-12 Lead
Internationally recognized leader and scholar in the field of communication disorders. Former director of School Services at ASHA. Awarded Honors of the Association, and is a Fellow of ASHA.

Curtiss Stancil


Curtiss is a strategic growth leader for K-12 services. Curtiss was the engine behind ultra-fast growth in the fields of e-learning, transportation, food services and more.

Eldar Aharonovich


Throughout his career, Eldar led execution of large-scale, strategic business plans. Eldar is an expert delivering high-quality services, as required by governmental contracts.

Dr. Paul Volosov

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Founder, Chairman & CFO of Salisbury House. Paul received his Ph.D. in psychology from Temple University. He founded “New Story” schools to help children with serious and complex challenges live high-quality lives.

Dr. Yoav Medan

CTO & Founder

CTO & Founder
Among the leading global figures in Digital Health, Dr. Medan is a visiting professor at the Technion. Yoav served as Chief Architect at InSightec and led IBM’s speech labs. Check him out in TED.

Advisory Board

Prof. Scott Yaruss

Professor of Communicative Sciences at Michigan State University. Trained over 20,000 SLPs and authored dozens of papers. Prof. Yaruss is an ASHA Fellow.

Prof. Ofer Amir

Clinical Director

Former head of the School of Communication Disorders at Tel Aviv University. Board member at the Israeli SLP Association (ISHLA) and ASHA member.

Prof. Gonçalo Leal

Leading SLP in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking markets. Head of a large clinic in Portugal. Professor at UC Riverside.

Meet The Team

Dr. Julie Ray Roberts

Lead SLP

Dr. Nikosi Darnell

Lead SLP

Linda Thoresen

Lead SLP

Liron Mick, SLP

Head of Clinical R&D

Head of Clinical R&D
Heading clinical development activity, focusing on constant improvement of clinical outcomes, speech measurements and clinical evidence.

Jessica Goldberg Florian, MSc SLP

Clinical R&D
Highly experienced in treating children with a variety of speech, language and communication difficulties.

Steve Ruder


School administrator specializing in alternative education. 20 years of experience in education and business development.

Chen Ben-Atar

School Service Manager (SSM)

Amy Nguyen

Service Management

Adar Kalter

Service Management

Eran Raichel

Seasoned R&D leader with over 15 years of experience in leading development of advanced software technologies.

Roni Moses

Product Manager
Roni brings successful experience in managing software products, biology and statistics.

Ludmila Murga, Ph.D.

Senior Algorithm Developer

Guy Cohen

QA Manager

Anna Sharapova

QA Engineer

Gal Arbel

Full Stack Developer

Ben Zagagy

Full Stack Developer

Norma Azran

Head of Israeli Therapy Center

Yossi Kacew

Client Services

Shmulik Polak

CPA, Director of Finance

Tal Gilor

Operations Manager

Eran Minhar

Marketing Manager