AmplioCamp - An ESY Program
AmplioCamp ensures identified students don’t regress over summer months and accelerates student outcomes! AmplioCamp provides school districts with the tools to impact students by streamlining validated speech-language-qualities (SLQ) measurements, intervention protocols, continuous monitoring assignment completion, smart reports and additional advanced technologies.
AmplioSpeech created a revolutionary service delivery model, which demonstrates accelerated progress for students and is perfect for students in need of ESY speech therapy.
AmplioSpeech provides customized solutions ranging from AmplioCamp to multi-year service contracts for any size district, regardless of caseload.

AmplioCamp Benefits:

  • IEP Compliance Made Easy;
  • Accelerated Progress;
  • Reduced Cost and Staff;
  • Transparency and Auditability;
  • Increased Student Engagement;
  • FUN!!

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Dr. Kathleen Whitmire
Former Director of School Services at ASHA; ASHA Fellow; Honors of the Association

AmplioSpeech is transforming speech-language pathology for the benefit of professionals and the individuals they serve, using technologies that seemed science fiction until now.