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AI for SLPs: Friend or Foe?

Technology does not replace speech-language pathologists – it augments therapy to positively impact student outcomes and frees up clinicians to focus on more strategic problem-solving and clinical decision-making AmplioSpeech’s CEO and co-founder, Dr. Yair Shapira, gave an invited presentation on “AI for SLPs: Friend or Foe?” to the Education Steering Group at the National Office…


Serving Digital Speech-Language Therapy to Israel’s HMOs

AmplioSpeech is proud to be the pioneer service provider of Digital Speech-Language Therapy to Meuhedet Health Services and Maccabi Healthcare Services, two of Israel’s top HMOs. The two HMOs decided on treating their Speech-Language impairment clients — online. That’s a huge leap forward in perception in Israel, where a crisis of shortage in Speech-Language Therapists…


The 3 ways AmplioSpeech is helping SpEd Directors across the country

You no longer have to worry about retaining SLPs, your students are provided with cutting-edge technology to accelerate them out of therapy faster, and your parents have progress monitoring which is transparent and enlightening in a way that you’ve never seen before. CONTACT US TODAY FOR A BRIGHTER TOMORROW:

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New Technology Dramatically Increases The Power of Speech Therapy

Dr. Paul Volosov founded New Story, which operates 15 schools for children with severe and complex behavioral health problems. “I’m really excited about what I see as the opportunity that AmplioSpeech brings to the Speech Therapy field,” he says. “AmplioSpeech is the first company that I have seen that brings new technology that dramatically increases the power of…


Digital Speech-Language Therapy

AmplioSpeech leads the Digital Speech-Language Therapy revolution, delivering unparalleled services to schools and their students. AmplioSpeech is powered by award-winning technology, seamless service delivery, and a community of empowered Speech-Language Pathologists licensed all across the USA. With AmplioSpeech, compliance with IDEA and IEPs is granted and easily reported, service is immediate, reimbursement – maximized, students’…


How To Ensure a Greater Success for The Children In Your School?

Why is Prof. Scott J. Yaruss of Michigan State University so enthusiastic about AmplioSpeech?Because it could benefit you. AmplioSpeech is leading the Speech-Language Therapy revolution with Digital Therapy, powered by award-winning technology, seamless service delivery, and a community of qualified and licensed SLPs. Don’t miss it. Contact us TODAY at, for a brighter tomorrow.