AmplioSpeech helps my son in the long run to become a better man and be able to speak in public.

Travis Barkley

“I have seen great improvement with his speech… I’m glad that he was assigned to take this program… I really do appreciate you guys.”

Kathy M. Wilford

I had many doubts that a digital solution can solve matters of the mind, but my teenage boy, who suffered from stuttering from years, taught me differently.

A. Walker

Getting my 7 y.o. daughter to practice her speech became a full-time job. AmplioSpeech relieved me from this duty, and they do it so much better…

D. Robinson

We were so worried about our daughter’s speech, until we started getting AmplioSpeech reports. Her progress is evident.

H. Wellington

My son hardly progressed. He just wouldn’t practice. Now – he loves AmplioSpeech, and it shows in his progress.

J. Smith