AmplioSpeech offers a unique way of providing high-quality treatment, by addressing the main issues of Speech-Language Pathology with effective & efficient service delivery. It really is a revolution.

Eydie TricquetDirector, Special programs, The Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System (FDLRS)

I’m so impressed. We are having a smooth service delivered to our students, and every one of them seems to be more confident!

Jerrie H. AdamsDirector of Special Education & Student Services, Wise County Public Schools, VA

Parents stopped arguing. It’s all fact-based now.

S. Martin

AmplioSpeech SLPs are super-SLPs. Through their NASA control-panel they captain the whole ship, and achieve so much more.

D. Richardson

The way we worked before seems so outdated. How did we make decisions without data?

R. Campbell