K-12 Speech-Language Therapy
During COVID-19 & Beyond.

With COVID-19, schools were forced to shift to remote solutions, ranging from sending homework paper packages to online instruction using general-purpose platforms (e.g. Zoom), to subject-matter-specific solutions (e.g. AmplioSpeech). Unfortunately, the coming school year is expected to be just as challenging, as COVID-19 appears to be turning endemic.

For the most vulnerable students, who struggle academically and often personally and socially at all times, the current times of turbulence might be disastrous. These children have already suffered compromised service since March, lack service during the summer, and might dramatically regress further if they do not receive intensive instruction tailored to their specific needs.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads and challenges unfold, AmplioSpeech solutions evolve to address the emerging needs. Combining award-winning technology with a community of experts in the digitization of SLP services yields impactful evolution. The AmplioSpeech platform incorporates advanced capabilities, such as:

  • Secure, high-quality video and audio.
    Easy log in for students. No installation required.
  • Embedded scheduling and notifications, reducing no shows.
  • Individual, group and supervised sessions.
  • Integrated, interactive and engaging resources library.
  • Speech-language therapy structured protocols.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) games with automatic feedback.
  • AI-based self-practice that extends intervention up to x5 during the week.
  • Automatic data collection.
  • Auto-generated documentation.
  • Monitoring dashboards for SLPs and school admins.
  • Standardized reports, securely stored.
  • Licensed SLPs, trained on the platform, to bridge temporary or permanent needs.
  • Training to SLPs and special education admins.
  • Technical and clinical support to all stakeholders.

Specifically during COVID-19, AmplioSpeech helps LEA addressing the challenges:

  • Effective and efficient online service
  • Safe onsite service using online delivery
  • Service continuity in fluctuating conditions
  • Supporting the surge of evaluations and compensatory services
  • Quick transition to digital therapy


Efficient and Effective Online Service

Pandemic waves, school closures and personal quarantines will force students and educators to stay at their safe homes in this coming school year. Effective online services reduce pressure for students or staff to return to school, when it is not in the best interest for them, their classmates or their colleagues.

With AmplioSpeech, students benefit from high-quality, efficacious online therapy. The platform offloads many of the SLPs tasks, reducing workload during these stressful times. AmplioSpeech easily-accessible technical support as well as clinical support enable smooth therapy.

Safe Onsite Service

Traditional speech-language sessions, with a group of students from different classes, in a small room, without masks, is not safe for students or SLPs.

The safe way to deliver therapy onsite during COVID-19 is for students to stay in their classroom in front of a computer, and for the SLP to remain in her office. Individual and group sessions are effectively delivered over the AmplioSpeech platform, room-to-room.

Continuous and Consistent Service

Online and onsite will coexist in the coming school year. Districts, schools, buildings, classes and individuals will alternate between school and home. Service continuity and consistency is the cornerstone of effective therapy.

AmplioSpeech provides a monolithic platform for all settings. Groups can be formed with students both onsite and online. The same resources and materials are used in any model. Documentation is consistent and standardized throughout the year. Most importantly, IEP time is likely to be met with easy switching between online and onsite.

A surge of Evaluations and Compensatory Services

During spring semester schools were overwhelmed with ensuring their students and staff safety and did their best to continue education. Many evaluations and sessions were postponed to brighter days. Nevertheless, the summer only brought escalation. The number of evaluations and compensatory services is, therefore, expected to double during the first months of the fall.

AmplioSpeech offers a safety net for school districts. An evaluation squad of licensed, trained, online SLPs is offered to schools. Additional AmplioSpeech SLPs can complement regular services with afternoon group compensatory services, to bridge the gaps.

Quick Transition to Digital Services

In the last months, we recognized that many therapists and administrators struggle with the transition to digital services. Many SLPs are skeptical about online therapy, others find it hard to replace habits and tools so abruptly.

AmplioSpeech offers guidance, training, and support to school admins and clinicians, accelerating the transition to digital services. The training includes the use of the AmplioSpeech platform, translating in-person to online therapy, as well as sessions simulation with an SLP playing a student. Mentorship, daily walk-in sessions, Facebook SLPs community, and other methods are offered to ensure the transition is quick, smooth, and fun.

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